Did you know that cooking reduces the vital nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and nuts?

Or that eating healthy food strengthens your immune system?

When you eat our gourmet raw food, you’ll feel invigorated.

Raw food is a term used to describe food that has not been processed or altered, including having stayed at a temperature below 105° F. It can refer to fruits, vegetables, and nuts in their original forms, or combined to create unique dishes that often mimic some of your favourite cooked foods.

A raw food diet is extremely beneficial in many ways; your metabolism is enhanced, weight is lost, and you feel fantastic, with an extraordinary boost in energy. Your body is getting the vitamins and amino acids it needs to function properly, without the nutrients being altered through cooking.

There is a strong connection between your diet and a number of chronic diseases, including cancer. Although causes are still controversial, overwhelming amounts of free radicals can lead to cancer, and they are present in highly processed foods. Eliminating them from your diet will pay off amazingly. There is also a connection between a raw food diet and short-term diseases. When your body is properly fed, your immune system functions at full power, fighting off disease within your body.

The best part of this all is that you don’t have to give up taste, or spend the rest of your life eating nothing but salad. Here at Rawthentic, we have wonderfully flavourful raw versions of all your regular foods, from burgers to lasagna to the humble sandwich, as well as an array of fantastic guilt-free desserts. So sit back, have a smoothie, and enjoy being part of a community of delicious self-improvement.