Twice a month you can join us and our talented Chef where you will learn to cook for health and vitality.

The ultimate beginner’s course complete with food, fun and learning

Are you ready to go “more raw” or all raw?

Rawthentic offers hands-on classes for beginners that give you easy-to-follow steps so you can create a raw food lifestyle that works for you – and one that you can actually maintain.

Advanced menu planning

If you are ready to really get into raw food and all that it has to offer, exploring the exciting and the more understated side of food as well as the practicalities, this is the course for you. Learn about dehydrated making, spices, products… this course has some hands on experience.

Learning Experience

Every Monday we have movie night – over a complimentary warm tea (105 degrees) learning more about the raw vegan world from ‘The Secret’ to ‘Accomplished authors on cooking raw – benefits and alternative healthy choices. Meet a great group of patrons who are always laughing and sharing…come join us.

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Upcoming events, speakers and special courses

Guest Speakers

We are pleased to provide to our community well known guest speakers to discuss the benefits of Kangen Water, Healthy Lifestyle changes/choices, the wonders of Himalayan Salt to renowned authors of cookbooks. Check our calendar for upcoming guest speakers.