Palate Pleasing Pies

Trade offs? We say Pfttt! to Trade offs! Our pies are some of the tastiest you’ll ever try, yet they’re chock full of nutritious raw ingredients that will delight your palate and give your body the goodness it’s been craving. The perfect way to end your meal. Delicious and Healthy!

Raspberry Pie

Wondrous Wraps

Our wraps are individually crafted by hand using only the freshest, most nutritious ingredients! So not only do they tickle your taste buds, but they’re 100% good for you. Fresh, Filling and  never Frozen. Try one today!


Magnificent Manicotti

Mmmmm! Mmmmm! and Mmmmmm once more! If you’ve never tried our Manicotti, you’re in for a magnificent treat. Freshly prepared in small batches to ensure freshness, our unique blend of seasonings and sauces give this dish a spicy taste full of zing. If you like spicy, this is the one for You!


Nutritious Noodles

Pho? Forget Pho! If you want tasty, nutritious noodles, you’ll delight in the noodly goodness of this specially prepared raw dish. We hand slice and dice our vegetables right in the restaurant every day so you’re guaranteed freshness. A generous serving of noodles topped with vegetables make a filling meal. Try one today!


Perfect Pizza

This isn’t your normal take-out pizza. It’s so much better. Better tasting, better for you and one slice will fill you up. Try our creative toppings pridefully arranged atop the Mediterranean, the Hawaiian and the smokin’ hot Pepper pizza.

Perfect Raw Pizza